A Look At Worldwide Relocation Trends

A global employee relocation survey conducted by Ipsos, a global research company, has revealed interesting trends among the corporate workforce’s perspective on relocating across the world. As per statistics there is an increase in the percentage of people willing to move abroad for 2-3 years if given a  10% hike in their salary.

relocation trend


While 25 percent said (vs. 19%in 2011) that it was ‘very likely’ that they would take up a full-time job in another country for two-three years with a 10 percent hike in pay, 45% admitted that they would consider moving to another country with an adequate incentive package, and support for their spouse’s employment.



Other interesting findings from the survey include:

  • For 42 percent of the respondents the major deciding factor was the country where the employers were offering to relocate them. In order of preference the countries were USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Germany.


  • The other incentives that played the part of prominent motivators were—For 45% it was the option to come back to their current role after a span of 2 years or so, company sponsored tickets for their families, company sponsored advance visit to the country of relocation, immigration assistance for spouses.


  • The keenest to move were from sectors like information technology, telecommunications, construction, commercial/retail, education, and medical sectors (in order of preference).


  • The most mobile workers come from Mexico at 39%, Argentina at 36%, Turkey and Russia at 34% each, Indonesia and South at 33% each, respectively.


  • People least likely to move abroad came from South Korea, France, Belgium and Japan.


  • As far as profiles go, the most likely profiles include decision maker (Senior Executive Level), people under 35 years of age, entrepreneurs, unmarried people and those on the low income scale.


These figures essentially reveal what the global relocation landscape looks like. For businesses in the relocation industry the world over, the statistics spell good news and exciting business opportunities, especially in the Corporate Relocation Services field.

For the Indian logistics industry, this is the time to seek partnerships with agencies that can facilitate International relocations and get them leads from the Corporate sector, especially IT and telecom.

As the world opens up and borders blur, business can get more exciting and profitable for people who act on the available opportunities. Have you started doing that?

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