Are you Ready for Moving Day

Relocation can be quite a mammoth task, involving clearing out the entire house, packing up all your goods properly and then unpacking and settling all of it down in the new place. While hiring a professional packer and mover does reduce your burden considerably, do keep in mind that you can’t leave the entire task of packing up your home to the team of workers the company sends.

Move dayTo make the packing and moving experience more stress-free and quick, you can start by planning the process and preparing well ahead of the arrival of the packers and movers.

Here are a few must-dos you need to take care of from your end before the arrival of the professional movers:

  • Spring clean: Relocation is the perfect opportunity for you to discard all the items you have been hoarding for a long time, which you know for sure you wouldn’t be using in the new place. It not only reduces the overall burden of the move, but also saves you a ton of money on transporting if you get rid of the items you no longer have any use for.


Make sure you complete your spring-cleaning exercise well in time before the packers arrive.


  • Organize all the household articles: Go from room to room and segregate all the breakable and delicate items from the remaining stuff. Ensure that you point out and supervise the packing of these items so that they don’t break en route to your new home.


It also makes it easier on the team of packers if they know which items they need to take special care of during packing. They can complete those and then get started on the remaining articles.

  • Pack all your valuables and keep them away: You can’t rely on your packers to pack your precious jewelry and other expensive items. These you will need to pack by yourself. Make sure you get all your valuables packed and stored away securely before the professional packers arrive. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Pack inflammable items carefully: Ideally, avoid carrying any inflammable items to keep all your items safe. Even then, there are certain unavoidable items that you just can’t leave behind. Spend extra time packing them up in a fire-safe manner, so that they don’t light up and damage the rest of your goods during the move.
  • Make lists: Go through each room in your house and prepare detailed lists of all items that need to be packed up. Keep these lists in each of the rooms and tick off items as they get packed. This way, you can be sure that you don’t leave anything behind accidentally and everything you need does get packed.


  • Empty your fridge and throw away all food that can get spoilt: You don’t want new stuff growing on your food items while in transit. At least a day or two before the packers arrive, clean out your fridge and leave it open to dry.


Don’t pack the refrigerator with even the slightest bit of dampness, otherwise there will surely be fungal growth. Also, discard all vegetables and food items that can get spoilt during the move. Carry only dry items like spices.

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  1. Mark says:

    Your tips going to help a lot, to make your move perfect and stress free planning is necessary, without planning relocation will be difficult. For that, one can hire professional moving company.