Initiatives By Government To Register Packers And Movers

Perhaps the best way to define the role of packers and movers is that they are the agents  that make the transport and logistics industry move, figuratively and literally.

As the clients drive demand, the moving companies address it by providing the necessary equipments coupled with their expertise in the industry.

To ensure that the industry grows smoothly, there are a lot of regulatory considerations in place to protect the interests of the end users, the moving companies, and the transport industry in general.

Critical change in regulation
In previous times, cases of miscarried or damaged properties or equipments resulting from mishandling of the moving companies were brought to court by the clients through the Carriers Act of 1865.

A new ruling enacted on March of 2011 (known as Carriage by Road Rules) replaced the Carriers Act of 1865. This act still allowed disgruntled clients to bring moving companies to court for litigation, provided they were registered companies.

The problem with this new law was that un-registered companies were already considered illegal, thus preventing clients from bringing them to court. This posed a problem for people who had legitimate complaints with un-registered movers and packers.
Government initiative to register transporters

With a draft estimate of more than 5,000 moving companies situated in Delhi, the State Transport Authority (STA) in Delhi has initiated efforts to register these moving companies. Believed to comprise almost half of the major players in the industry, this move by Delhi STA proves vital in the efforts to register moving companies in the country. Similar efforts have also been seen in Pune and parts of Tamil Nadu.
Most (if not all) legitimate moving companies are willing to operate within legal requirements and have expressed interest in registering their companies. This could also be a result of major corporate players and clients putting forth policies stating that they would only deal with registered movers and packers.

Benefits of registered moving companies
The transport and logistics industry will greatly benefit from this move to register transporters. As RelocateXP advocates, this creates an equal opportunity field for all the players. In addition to that it gives the clients peace of mind, an easier time in getting the services, better quality service delivery, more efficiency and transparency in prices.

Future of transport and logistics industry
RelocateXP has added an additional layer of security by accrediting moving companies. The move is primarily focused on offering unequaled service guarantee to the clients. In addition to that, this forward thinking approach not only helps the government realize its goals of having the moving companies registered, but also simplifies the search process for the clients. From the service providers point-of-view, we have created an even field where only legitimate players are allowed to play.

RelocateXP has thus created a win-win situation for everyone, the only ones to lose are scam companies that the industry can very well do without.

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