Moving furniture company or Do-it yourself?

When planning to move out, most people don’t take into consideration how difficult it can be, especially when about it comes to their furniture. It is heavy, awkward to move and you have to be careful when handling it if you want to avoid unwanted accidents and damages. And there are not many options either: you can either hire a private company to resolve the problem or you can go for the “do-it yourself” option. There are both pro`s and con`s for these options, but in the end, it depends on one`s personal choice and resources.

Moving the furniture alone might seem the cheaper option, time-saving and less risky than hiring professionals but it is not always this way. You will still have to pay for the gasoline, because, unless you can fit all those pieces of furniture and carry them in one go to your new home, you`ll probably have to go back and forward many times. This is definitely not going to be easy, it won’t save time and it is not going to be cheap either, especially if you`re moving from one city to another. One of the most important things when doing this by yourself is that you will need to have a big, steady car, because like it or not, that sofa might not fit in the trunk. Yes, we know, that when you went on holiday you had a lot of suitcases, but that is no comparison to big pieces of furniture. Besides, when doing this there are more chances that your car breaks down because of the heavy loading. And let`s not forget about all the energy and effort you will need to put in to get the job done. So think, is it really worth it doing this by yourself?


Yet, if you decide to go for the easier option, the one in which you will ask a specialized company for removal services, you will probably be more satisfied than if you would be doing it by yourself. Why? The reasons are easy to figure out. Firstly, the fact that you won’t have to kill yourself or your friends by moving the furniture, you won’t have back pains or any other injuries by carrying it. Another and maybe the most important  concern in this case is the money, but if you do some research on internet or even in the local newspaper, there are a lot of chances you will find a company that fits your budget and your needs, especially when they have all sorts of discounts. Afraid that they might break your favorite glass table? Just tell them before they load the furniture which pieces are fragile and which are not. They will take your concerns into consideration, but you need to know that the workers will be careful with your belongings anyway. So there is no need to worry too much. Finally, you should also take into consideration the amount of time saved when having your furniture moved by someone else.


Hopefully, this comparison between these two options of moving your furniture will be helpful when the time to make a choice comes, but, after all, you have to pick the one that is most suitable for you and your needs whilst also taking into consideration the three most important resources: money, time and health.

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