Moving to Delhi NCR? 5 Things You Should Know…

Planning to relocate to the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region)? Nervous about the move? Wondering how to plan and schedule the whole process? Well, then here are the 5 top tips that you will find useful.

Hire Professionals
Many people make the mistake of assuming that they can successfully manage to pack, transport and unpack their personal possessions across towns in India. Getting into Delhi, is particularly tricky, as goods’ carriers are allowed onto the roads in accordance with a set of strict guidelines. Following the same is best left to expert packers and movers. Moreover, packing and unpacking goods is physically and mentally taxing; it’s better to outsource the job to trained professionals.

Plan Your Move on Paper
Never be lax in planning a relocation across cities. Make sure you pen down all you estimates, targets, budget, timeline, check-lists, so on and so forth. Do not make the mistake of relying upon your memory for ensuring a timely, efficient shifting process. If you’re moving to Delhi, ensure you know the location of the house well, are aware of the locality’s rules and norms. Societies in the Delhi NCR region have their independent set of relocation guidelines, so you must be aware of the same to avoid any last minute problems.

Think About the Logistics Beforehand
Plan out the logistics of settling down before shifting. Have a broad idea of when the goods shall reach their destination? Who will be there to receive them and when the unpacking shall start? It is also a good idea to have some concrete plan about which items shall be placed where in the house, so the unpacking can be done in accordance with that.

Vehicle Transportation
Those who are traveling across a long distance while shifting to Delhi should engage their packers and movers to be responsible for transporting their vehicle(s) as well. Do not plan to drive down in a vehicle for that is extremely strenuous. Also, the motor- culture in Delhi is quite distinct from the rest of the country, and it is best that a new driver get used to the norms of driving in Delhi before making ambitious plans of driving down to the city.

Choose Your Movers and Packers Carefully
For hiring your packers and movers in Delhi conduct a detailed field research. Choose a reputed, reliable firm that offers the best price and has handled many relocations to and from Delhi. Make a suitable arrangement regarding the payment of the firm in advance so that such details do not become an issue later.

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3 Responses to Moving to Delhi NCR? 5 Things You Should Know…

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    Relocation actually gives stress and tension to people as packing all the things and moving them to a different place make people nervous about it. But good packers and movers company will not let you get nervous as they take all the responsibility of packing and moving things carefully and safely.

  2. Emilia says:

    As you arrive in your new loocitan ask the to unload the huge furniture first from the truck. Be sure that the room where they going to put the furniture is already clean so that the only thing you do is to arrange the furniture right away. Then ask the movers to place the other things to in which room the labeled boxes should be place on its own area. Even how big the move is, if its the boxes are placed organize, the big move will be not so difficult as it seems.

  3. Sujata says:

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