Moving to Paris – Things you should do when making a checklist

With a population of around 2.2 million people, Paris isn’t the most populated or biggest city in the world but it can always claim to be the most beautiful city in the world. Yet there’s far more to the French capital than just a pretty face. It’s a bustling, vibrant working centre of commerce, business and industry as well as culture. Many who live there will tell you it’s the centre of the world whilst many more are making it the centre of their own world by moving there.


If you are one such person moving to Paris then here’s some general advice about making a removal checklist. First of all, you may wonder what exactly is a checklist and how should you go about creating your own.


Well, a checklist is simply a list of tasks you need to do before you move. You write these tasks down and then you can then tick each task off as they’re completed. It’s a simple but very effective way of making sure everything that needs to be done is done. The key to a successful checklist is taking the time at the very beginning to correctly note down everything you can think you may need to do in order to make sure you’re completely ready for your removal day.


This list of tasks needs to placed within an overall time frame of weeks before your removal day. So for instance, you have a list of tasks you should do six weeks in advance, four weeks in advance and things you need to do two weeks in advance. Always be sure to give yourself enough time for everything you have to do. It’s far better to give yourself too much time than too little time.


For your list of things to do for around six weeks to go, the first task is to hire a professional, trustworthy removal company. Look for one which not only has a good price but also gives you good advice and feels like it’s one you can genuinely trust. Once you have your removal company in place you can then concentrate on everything else you have to do.


This includes making a list of everyone you have to notify that you’re moving to Paris. You’ll find this will seem like a never-ending list which just keeps on growing and takes on a life of it’s own. Which is another reason why you should start this at least six weeks in advance.


You should also go around the rooms of your home in London and roughly work out how much packing and packaging materials you’ll need and where to get them from. To do this, you have to work out what you’re taking first of all, what you’re getting rid of or putting into storage. You may find your removal company has storage space in addition to things like packing materials which is another reason the first thing you should do is hire a good removal company.


Things to do two weeks from removal day include getting insurance for your belongings during transit, getting your mail re-directed, check parking arrangements as well as key collection arrangements with your estate agents. Your own checklist will also be taking into account you’re moving from London to Paris and the things you need to do once you’re there. The sooner you begin your checklist however, the sooner you’ll be on your way to making your move from London to Paris the stress-free move you want it to be.

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