Online Shopping in India is not Just a Retailing Movement

India may have been slower than the West to join the online shopping movement, but now it looks like this trend is here to stay. Over the past couple of years, a number of online retail players have jumped on the bandwagon, offering customers the option to purchase just about anything online, at the click of a button, from the comfort of their homes.  Here’s an infographic published on Mashable that provides quite an interesting picture (literally and figuratively):


online shopping infographic






















Online Shopping Trends

Today, Indian consumers are waking up to the many advantages of ordering online – it’s faster, more convenient, and gives them an opportunity to make an informed decision about what they are ordering.

The trend of online shopping has gone beyond retail and is slowly taking over the services industry as well. But the best part about online shopping is that it is inexpensive from a business standpoint as well, letting companies pass on their savings in the form of discounts and deals to their customers.

According to a 2011 report published by Business Review India[1], there were 17 million online shoppers in India. Online buyers of non-travel related product was estimated to be 13.5 million. What’s more than a quarter indicated that they spent 11% or more of their earnings on online shopping!

The Online Shopping Potential For The Services Industry

When a customer requires a particular product or service, more often than not, he/she first goes online to learn more about what’s on offer. And, if the customer has the provision to order what he/she wants online, in an instant, he/she has made a purchase. Herein lies the potential of online shopping for services.

It’s faster for the customer and saves him/her the hassle to go hunting for the right store from where he/she could purchase this particular product/service. With the option to shop online, he/she gets to make a decision to buy much faster, almost immediately.

Services like packers and movers have also managed to seize the opportunity of online shopping. For instance, through RelocateXP, a customer that requires relocation assistance can also hire a packer and mover with the click of a button.

It’s worked for us because we offer the customers following key advantages:

1)      The customers need not go scouring through crowded marketplaces to locate an ideal service provider that suits all of his/her requirements.


2)      The customer can leverage the Internet to compare the offerings of multiple packing and moving companies and select the one that he/she feels is perfect for him/her.


3)      Since we take care of the due diligence, customers are assured that they get to deal with reliable packers and movers only.

However, this is just one example. Almost every business in the services industry can offer customers similar advantages and tap into the huge potential of online selling.

After all, setting up online selling venture requires little investment to advertize their services online and provide the customers with this convenient option.

The online shopping trend is definitely a win-win situation from both the customers’ and the businesses’ perspective – it’s cheaper, faster, and surely more convenient.

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