RelocateXP Move Voucher vs. Corporate Alliance

There are numerous ways you can use RelocateXP’s services when planning a move. From a company’s perspective, instead of making its employees go through the process of finding and selecting their own packer and mover agency, they can use RelocateXP’s services in two ways:


Move Vouchers from RelocateXP

Move Voucher: For organizations with ad-hoc employee relocation needs the Move Voucher makes for an attractive alternative to a formal corporate tie-up.


Companies can offer RelocateXP’s Move Vouchers to their employees during relocation.


Here’s how it works:

  • A company can purchase Move Vouchers of any specific amount, make an online or offline payment for it, and provide the voucher number to their employees, which they can use when hiring packers and movers through RelocateXP.


  • It’s more efficient than reimbursing employees’ relocation claims as the pricing is more transparent and the company has more control over the expenses incurred.


  • For the employees, the move voucher saves them precious time spent in scouring markets to find the best packing and moving service provider to suit their relocation requirements.


  • Move Vouchers can also be purchased by individuals and gifted to their loved ones planning to shift homes.


Corporate Alliance: As organizations increasingly expect employees to move and work across different office locations, they are finding it easier to enter into tie-ups with relocation service providers.


RelocateXP provides the Corporate Customer feature to organizations, so that they can allow their employees to hire the best packers and movers for their needs through our website.


Employees from these organizations can get multiple quotes from our registered packing and moving companies and send them to their company’s admin department for approval.


Post approval, RelocateXP handles the entire process of relocation and the employees can have a stress-free move. It’s not only efficient from the perspective of the employees, but also offers companies a more affordable and smoother process of managing an employee’s relocation.


Which Options Should You Choose?

The distinction is simple— if your company has limited employee relocations, purchase the move voucher. However, if your company has to manage several employee relocations a year, the Corporate tie up would be a better solution.

Having said that, no matter which of the options you choose, we can assure completely reliable service from our registered packers and movers, competitive pricing, and an absolutely stress-free move!

With RelocateXP’s quality assistance, moving is no longer a stressful experience for companies or its employees, we pride ourselves in being the pioneers of taking stress out of moving.

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