The Changing Dynamics of the Indian Relocation Industry

Once upon a time people hired local transport like trucks and tempos at the time of household shifting. Those days however are fast fading away and becoming a part of the past.

The Indian relocation industry is rapidly changing from an ad-hoc service on offer by regional players to a more professional enterprise with a nationwide operational presence.

What’s more, thanks to the advent of the Internet, consumers can find suitable packers and movers from the comfort of their homes.

The Current Status Of The Relocation Industry In India

relocation dynamicsThe Indian relocation industry is estimated to be worth at least around INR 12,000.00 Crores (as per figures compiled by leading packing and moving agencies) but it’s hard to put an exact number due to the largely unorganized nature of the players in this sector. The need for relocation has increased significantly owing to the corporate presence in India that requires employees to relocate to different locations across the country regularly.

But it’s not just the ease of finding the right packer and mover to suit your needs – the Indian relocation industry is even adopting more standardized practices like insuring goods against potential damage during the move, letting you keep track of the progress of the transportation online using GPS systems, as well as getting themselves registered as an official Goods Transport Agent.

What used to be an extremely unorganized sector comprising of regional truckers is improvising itself to better serve their ever-growing customer base.

For instance, a recent ruling has made it compulsory for movers to register with state transport departments as Good Transport Agents. Until this move, it was fairly easy for any truck owner to call himself a goods transporter and provide relocation services to customers.

The safety aspect was never a consideration and the customer had to make do with such providers’ rates and arrangements.

With the push for registration of goods transporters, however, the Indian relocation industry is slowly moving towards becoming a more organized sector that projects an assurance of reliability towards its customers.

The Role RelocateXP In The Relocation Sector

RelocateXP has made it easier for the customers to select a packers and movers best suited to their budgets and other requirements. When selecting a registered service provider, the customers can also be assured that their goods will be handled with care, and will reach them at their destination point securely and in proper condition.

Selecting a packer and mover through a professional service like RelocateXP has also helped customers insure their products against any unforeseen circumstances. They now have the facility to monitor the progress of their transport truck by logging into their accounts online, and make sure that their goods reach within specified deadlines, thereby avoiding any inconvenience.


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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing information on Relocation Sector.Before going to choose Relocation Company check out their services by their customer’s feedback, their reputation in market these are some points you can remember. Also check budget before getting in touch with them.