Top Twitter Marketing Tips for Packer and Mover Agencies

These days, having a presence on the internet goes much beyond just making your website. For businesses, it is important to have a presence even on the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

Twitter marketing tips for packers and moversTwitter offers a great platform to share updates about businesses and keep your followers informed of all the latest happenings in your world. In this article, we enlist unique ways packers and movers agencies can leverage Twitter for their marketing efforts:

  • Share new, interesting content from your website: Be it blog posts or updates regarding your latest services, sharing links to these pages of your website ensures that you get more visitors to check out what you have to say. It’s a great way to advertise the latest services and discounts that your business has to offer.


  • Share relevant content from other sources: Use Twitter not just as a direct tool to advertise your website or business. To keep things interesting, make your marketing efforts more subtle. You can do this by regularly sharing news stories and information related to your industry or business, in addition to sharing your own website’s content.


  • Find out what your customers want: Twitter is a great two-way communication tool as well. Encourage your followers to share their views on what you have to say/offer, and use Twitter as a mechanism to extract feedback and improve your business as per your customers’ demands.


  • Keep a track of your competition: Keep a check on the latest offerings from your competitors so you can stay on top of the game. Twitter serves as an effective platform for learning what new services and deals your competitors have introduced, so that you can also tweak your strategy in time.


  • Network with the right people: One of the most important aspects of business is networking. Follow the right set of people on Twitter who have a close link with your business, be it your business partners, the media, or people from related industries. It not only gives you a broader insight but helps you establish important connections that you can leverage to expand your business.


  • Keep your followers engaged: Whenever you post updates on Twitter, make sure it is worthy of starting a conversation or discussion within your network. Interaction is key to being successful on social networks such as Twitter, where your popularity increases as you attract more followers and have more people talking about your business.

Finally the one important rule to remember about marketing your packing and moving business on Twitter is to ensure that you focus on 20% promotion and 80% information. Use twitter as a medium to engage with your target market and not advertise your services to them!

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