Why Quality Information Is Vital to the Shipping Industry

Today, providing a broad range of shipping options and information to customers is not something unusual; it is simply a survival tactic. Using it wisely, however, can help turn it into a major competitive advantage for your business, whether it is an online one or a brick-and-mortar one. Convenience is what drives customers today, and quality shipping is the best way to provide convenience to your customers.By providing exporters with quality shipping information, as Canada’s Port of Montreal did with Verschiffung USA, helps establish customer confidence with minimal effort. Here are some ways quality shipping information can advantage organizations:

1.     Promote Your Online Business

If you have recently taken your brick-and-mortar business to the world of e-commerce, providing shipment to your customers on their online transactions is one of the best ways to get then to your online site. While spreading word of mouth is not something people will usually do for your business, it is easier to go viral through the use of social plug-ins.


If you can convince even one customer to use your online store, you will trigger off a chain-reaction that can bring a lot of new customers for your business. If you have a smart shipment process, you can easily make your business global, reaching out to markets that would otherwise be unreachable.

2.     Sell a Bit More

By offering low-cost or free shipment as a reward, you can convince your customers to buy a bit more than they plan to do. If their purchases amount up to $46 and you are offering free shipment on purchases that are greater than $50, your customers will likely add a few more things to their shopping baskets.


Moreover, when your customers will have the liberty of getting what they want delivered to them at their doorstep they are likely to make more purchases. Whether it is a midnight craving or an emergency need, they won’t have to worry about going personally. A call or message is all it will take!

3.     Present a Professional Image

When you offer quality shipping to your customers at their desired destination, it gives them an impression that you are a professional company. So, even if you are a small company with few people working for you, you can convince your customers otherwise offering them fast and reliable shipping service, using trustworthy partners such as Verschiffung USA.

4.     Use Shipment as a Reward

You can use shipment as a reward to acknowledge your customers’ loyalty towards your company. By offering low-cost or free shipment once in a while to customers who purchase from you regularly, you can show them your appreciation. By showing them that their loyalty is being acknowledged and rewarded accordingly, you can ensure that they stick with you for a long time.

5.     Offer Convenience

The basic reason people seek shipment today is convenience and almost all businesses today are providing it to them. The key to differentiating your business from others is how well you can provide this convenience. When it comes to online shipment, provide your customers with a lot of options.


Offer them flexible payment options and most importantly, try to offer them cash-on-delivery options. You can also offer them to get the delivery and billing information at separate addresses, especially if you have an online gift store that offers the cash-on-delivery option. A little bit of consideration can go a long way in retaining your customers!

6.     Build Trust

Offering quality shipment to your customers with payment options that are to their advantage is a great way to show your customers that you trust them. Knowing that you trust them enough to send them their order without receiving the payment shows them that you value them and trust them to keep their commitment. A display of trust can mean a lot to your customers!

7.     Help Save Time

By providing them shipping services, you are actually saving your customers a lot of time and energy. Coming up to a store to pick up their routine purchases can take a lot of your customers’ time; quality time that they can spend with their family and friends instead. So, provide them with a shipping system that is not only convenient but also fast and reliable.

8.     Use Shipment as a Value Creation Process

Providing quality shipping and packaging to your customers is a way of adding value to the whole transaction. Whether it is a usual product the customers has ordered for their own use or a gift they have ordered to be delivered elsewhere, the right packaging and careful shipping counts for a lot when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction.


With these simple things in mind, you can ensure that your shipping procedure is not just like any other company; it can make you stand out as a customer-oriented business. With a flawless shipment process that offers your customers all that they want, you can definitely take your business a step further towards success and continuous growth. All you need are the right partners with you such as Verschiffung USA to back you up in the process.

About the Author

The author is an entrepreneur who runs her own marketing consulting firm and provides small emerging businesses with marketing strategies that are well suited to their business. For online businesses, one of the key decisions to make is regarding their shipment option, which they can solve quite conveniently using efficient cargo companies like Verschiffung USA.

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